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Family of Ansbertus II von SCHELDE and Blithilde (Aldeberge) de COLOGNE

Husband: Ansbertus II von SCHELDE (c. 525-c. 570)
Wife: Blithilde (Aldeberge) de COLOGNE (c. 535-c. 605)
Children: Erchenaud von SCHELDE (c. 560- )

Husband: Ansbertus II von SCHELDE

Name: Ansbertus II von SCHELDE
Sex: Male
Father: Ansbertus Ferreolus de MOSELLE (c. 490- )
Mother: -
Birth c. 0525 Old Saxony, Germany
Occupation Senator
Death c. 0570 (age 44-45) Moselle, france

Wife: Blithilde (Aldeberge) de COLOGNE

Name: Blithilde (Aldeberge) de COLOGNE
Sex: Female
Father: Clothaire I of the FRANKS (c. 497-561)
Mother: Ingunda ( - )
Birth c. 0535
Death c. 0605 (age 69-70)

Child 1: Erchenaud von SCHELDE

Name: Erchenaud von SCHELDE
Sex: Male
Birth c. 0560

Note on Husband: Ansbertus II von SCHELDE

Ansbertus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (May 2011) (Extracted from Wikipedia,


Ansbertus was a mythical Gallo-Roman Senator. Proposed, by some modern genealogists, to be the son of Ferreolus, Senator of Narbonne and his wife Saint Dode. This would perhaps make him the great-grandson of Tonantius Ferreolus and wife Papianilla.


The much later Liber Historiae Francorum states that an Ansbertus married Blithilde (also called Bilichilde), and that she was the daughter of "Lothar the father of Dagobert", and then continues the line to the Pippinids through his son Arnoald and his grand-daughter Itta (mother of Pepin of Landen).