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Family of Eabald of KENT and Emma of FRANCIA

Husband: Eabald of KENT (c. 575- )
Wife: Emma of FRANCIA (c. 590- )
Children: Eormenred of SAXONY (c. 630- )

Husband: Eabald of KENT

Name: Eabald of KENT
Sex: Male
Father: Æthelbert I of KENT (c. 555- )
Mother: Bertha of PARIS (c. 560- )
Birth c. 0575

Wife: Emma of FRANCIA

Name: Emma of FRANCIA
Sex: Female
Father: Clothaire II 'the Great' of AUSTRASIA (584-629)
Mother: Haldetrude of BURGUNDY (c. 582-c. 618)
Birth c. 0590

Child 1: Eormenred of SAXONY

Name: Eormenred of SAXONY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eormengild ( - )
Birth c. 0630