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Family of Robert de TOENI and Adeliza FitzOsulf du PLESSIS

Husband: Robert de TOENI (c. 1010- )
Wife: Adeliza FitzOsulf du PLESSIS (c. 1025-1088)
Children: Adelisa 'Alice' de TOENI (c. 1065- )
William de TOENI (c. 1067- )
Agnes de TOENI (c. 1075- )

Husband: Robert de TOENI

Name: Robert de TOENI
Sex: Male
Father: Ralph II de TOENI (c. 955-c. 1015)
Mother: Judith Alice de BAYEUX (c. 970-1015)
Birth c. 1010 Conches, Normandie, France

Wife: Adeliza FitzOsulf du PLESSIS

Name: Adeliza FitzOsulf du PLESSIS
Sex: Female
Father: Osulf "fil Frane" du PLESSIS (c. 980-1067)
Mother: -
Birth c. 1025 Le Plessis, Colombiers, Lower-Normandy, France
Death 1088 (age 62-63) Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicestershire, England

Child 1: Adelisa 'Alice' de TOENI

Name: Adelisa 'Alice' de TOENI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Roger BIGOD (c. 1060-1107)
Birth c. 1065

Child 2: William de TOENI

Name: William de TOENI
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1067
Occupation Lord of Belvoir

Child 3: Agnes de TOENI

Name: Agnes de TOENI
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Hubert II de RYE (c. 1075- )
Spouse 2: Ralph de BEAUFOU (c. 1075- )
Birth c. 1075

Note on Marriage

5 children.