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Family of Roger I de TOENI and Godeheut BORREL

Husband: Roger I de TOENI (c. 1008-1040)
Wife: Godeheut BORREL ( - )
Children: Raoul III of TOENI (c. 1040-c. 1101)

Husband: Roger I de TOENI

Name: Roger I de TOENI
Sex: Male
Father: Ralph II de TOENI (c. 955-c. 1015)
Mother: Judith Alice de BAYEUX (c. 970-1015)
Birth c. 1008 Barcelona
Occupation Standard Bearer of Normandy
Death 31 May 1040 (age 31-32) Conches-en-Ouches, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France

Wife: Godeheut BORREL

Name: Godeheut BORREL
Sex: Female
Father: Ramon BORRELL (972-1017)
Mother: Ermesende of CARCASSONNE ( - )

Child 1: Raoul III of TOENI

Name: Raoul III of TOENI
Sex: Male
Spouse: Isabel MONTFORT ( - )
Birth c. 1040
Death c. 1101 (age 60-61)