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Family of Warnacher I de LORRAINE and Ermengarde of AUSTRASIA

Husband: Warnacher I de LORRAINE ( - )
Wife: Ermengarde of AUSTRASIA (c. 575- )
Children: Bodilon de TREVES (c. 600- )
Warnacher II de LORRAINE ( - )
Eringarde de DIJON ( - )

Husband: Warnacher I de LORRAINE

Name: Warnacher I de LORRAINE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Blithilde (Aldeberge) de COLOGNE (c. 535-c. 605)
Occupation Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy

Wife: Ermengarde of AUSTRASIA

Name: Ermengarde of AUSTRASIA
Sex: Female
Father: Bobon of AUSTRASIA ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 0575

Child 1: Bodilon de TREVES

Name: Bodilon de TREVES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sigrada of ALSACE (c. 600- )
Birth c. 0600 Brosse, Ile-de-France, France
Occupation Count of Poitiers

Child 2: Warnacher II de LORRAINE

Name: Warnacher II de LORRAINE
Sex: Male
Occupation Mayor of the Palaces of Burgundy & Austrasia

Child 3: Eringarde de DIJON

Name: Eringarde de DIJON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mérovech de SOISSONS ( - )

Note on Marriage

Several children.